"I have been struggling with my mental health for over ten years, and spent a long time deliberating over therapy. The next step was deciding who to work with, and I was filled with anxiety and dread. I'm so grateful that I chose to work with Calvin. It was an instant fit, and his relaxed calm demeanour made me feel at ease within a few minutes. We have now been working together for around six months, and my life has been turned around. I have learned tools to help my anxiety and I now sleep better than I have done in years. I could highly recommend his services to anyone searching for a therapist."

(AN, Glasgow)

"Before starting therapy, I had no idea what to really expect, or how I was going to feel. I went into my first session very anxious, however as soon as I started chatting to Calvin I felt at ease. I have always found it difficult to open up to someone, especially someone I had just met. However, Calvin made me feel like my voice was heard and I did not feel judged at any point during our sessions. When I first started, I was really struggling mentally, which was affecting me in everyday life. However, as the sessions went on and I was able to talk to Calvin I started feeling much more confident, we discussed ways in which I could distract myself, which helped me majorly. Calvin always made me feel comfortable and at ease, which allowed me to open up. Now I have finished my sessions, and now I am feeling much happier and the techniques and exercises have really helped me. During our sessions I felt like I was in a safe space and listened too, which has allowed me to get to the place I am today."

(RM, North Lanarkshire)

"I was looking to start therapy after the pandemic to help with my anxiety, self harming and relationship with alcohol. I had therapy previously, but did not find it particularly useful. After finding Calvin through Counsellors Directory we had our first online session that week and worked together for 10 weeks where we looked at my relationship with alcohol, explored my childhood and drew links to help me understand better why I can rely on this as a crutch and worked towards developing a healthier relationship between myself and alcohol. Calvin made me feel extremely comfortable, at ease and now that I have finished therapy I feel in a much better place; both in my own mental wellbeing and in my relationship with others around me."

(DR, Glasgow)

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