Calvin Downie MSc, MBACP

Art Psychotherapist & Counsellor

My name is Calvin Downie (he/him), I am an Art Psychotherapist and Counsellor based in Glasgow, Scotland who is registered with all suitable professional bodies (BAAT, BACP, HCPC). I am extremely grateful that my work allows me to engage in deep conversations with others, as we work together exploring complex questions and topics which have an impact on their well-being. I am an integrative therapist, which see's me using various therapeutic approaches in sessions to support clients,  as I don't believe in a "one-size-fits-all" approach for therapy.

I have had an interest in the potential art making has in allowing people to process trauma and difficult emotions from my teenage years, when I began to volunteer with third sector therapeutic organisations; East Dunbartonshire Initiative for Creative Therapies (EDICT) and Impact Arts, before progressing to my formal training in Art Psychotherapy.

I achieved my MSc in Art Psychotherapy at Musselburgh's Queen Margaret University, where I gained extensive knowledge of psychodynamic theory. My practice placements here provided opportunity to apply these skills and knowledge whilst working with a diverse group including primary school students, and patients detained under The Mental Health Act in a secure forensic setting. Here I worked to support patients with varying mental health diagnosis such as; schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and personality disorder, including managing the complexity of involvement with the criminal justice system.  I have developed my own practice further by training further as a BACP registered counsellor, working in schools with young people faced with abuse, gender identity issues, self harming and suicidal tendencies, as well working privately with both adults and young people online.

Working with people from varying cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, gender identities and sexualities has further allowed me to appreciate the individual and institutional barriers that can exist for marginalised groups; and thus develop a tailored therapeutic plan to support a person’s unique experience.



Sessions are underpinned with psychodynamic principles- looking at how your present responses are influenced by events in your past. Working as an integrative therapist with clients, elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other therapeutic modalities are also encorporated in sessions.  It brings me deep joy to work directly with people and assist them to a more positive destination- wherever that may be. 

 I bring a collaborative approach to therapy, and see the process as one where together we work to assist you to a place of resolution. I encourage my clients to be as honest as they feel comfortable with what they require from therapy. Engaging in deep discussions, together we will explore complex questions which have an impact your well-being in a calm, relaxing, confidential safe space.


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